Carolina Aguirre

Carolina Aguirre (b. 1990, Santiago, Chile) is a London based artist working primarily in painting. Argentinean by nationality, and having lived in Chile, Egypt, South Africa and Wales, Carolina graduated from Central Saint Martins and worked in film before devoting herself to painting. This September she starts the MA Painting course at the Royal College of Art with the support of the Ali H. Alkazzi scholarship.
Carolina’s work, often rooted in nature, plays with symbology harnessed from her own subconscious. Her process, inspired by tools in Jungian psychology, usually starts by photographing herself as reference; embodying her characters helps her empathise with them while studying a scene. The resulting compositions are surreal and narrative, weaving humour, magic and tension to create myths that are both therapeutic and a means to connect.

Wondering People_Carolina Aguirre

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