Cole Flynn Quirke

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Cole Flynn Quirke (b. 1995, Brighton, England) studied Photography at Middlesex University. His photographic process is primarily autobiographical creating personal time capsules through documenting everything he holds dear and then printing all photographs by hand. In Cole’s practice he experiments with moving image, sound and collage. He considers his work as personal documentary.
Cole's first major project ‘Prodigal Whopperhead’ captured 365 days of his life during a transitional period, in an attempt to memorialise everything he cares about for fear of developing his grandfather’s early onset of hereditary dementia. This project brought the photographer great success and he was awarded first prize at the Free Range Shows exhibition in 2018 which lead him to hold his first solo show ‘A Bird Flies Backwards’ at the Old Truman Brewery in February 2019.
The photographer has recently featured work as part of the show ‘Many & Beautiful Things’ at Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange in Penzance, alongside renowned photographers such as Joseph Szabo and Rineke Dijkstra.

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