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Sophie Frost (b. 1993, Dumfries, England) is the founder, maker, and creator of “Dea Domus”. A multi-disciplinary artist specialising in; ceramics, art, and object, whilst working through the boundaries of fine art, design & craft.  Since graduating from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2016. Specializing in both painting and sculpture lead to a curiosity into ceramics as a medium to marry the two art forms. This, along with a desire for artisan training, lead to a three studio pottery apprenticeship. Sophie has since established Dea Clay ceramics which is now housed under Dea Domus.
"Offering II is a collection of sculptural bowls and vessels born from a series of drawings and thoughts all about shapes and emotions, aiming to unravel conventional approaches to the shapes of utilitarian ceramics. Diadema, the Toxos and the Mellitas are an exploration on how the traditional shape of a bowl can be explored using different forms. The triangle, sphere, hoops and spikes were a clear vision for me to pursue and play with in order to accentuate the relationship between an object as being functional and as being a form of artistic expression. 
The mark makings are taken from a series of drawings to emulate the correlation that making and drawing have within my process. Nostos and the cylinder hoop vessels are inspired by surrealism and mythology. They reveal an animalistic energy and capture the intrigue I have between ancient objects and the natural environment." 

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