Georgia Grinter

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Georgia Grinter (b. 1995, United Kingdom) graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2018. She now lives and works in London. In her work she tries to realise a form of togetherness, similar to the one we create in order to hide, protect and cover ourselves. She sees this fullness in nature too, where even in a leafless state, a tree still stands whole with gaps tracing its branches. She uses decorative shapes to mimic this repetitive up and down mundane reality, moulded around love, loss and anxiety.
To ‘build’ something while remaining unaware of the end product, Georgia tries to stay close to her drawings and her own feelings during the making process. As well as printing and painting, she regards drawing as the basis of her expression. In a deliberate attempt to make space for the spontaneous, she shades marks that are slowly absorbed into a breathable ground, inspired by the techniques used for woodblock printing during the Japanese Edo Period. She likes the idea of working slowly in order to bring sensitivity in her practice and uses repetitive forms analogous to Arts and Crafts movement's motifs. She finds that if she loses herself in their occurrences, the ending feels out of her hands. 
Georgia uses negative spaces to describe a flat shape of either fallen or solid ground. The idea of negativity directs us to a sad emotion, saying that the space is missing or punctured somehow. However, she uses this space more like a shape in itself, an atmosphere to be effected by the forms around it. Whether positive or negative, the space on its own is used to suggest inevitable depths that knit together our changeable up and down heartbeat of reality.
Selected Exhibitions include solo exhibition at The New Glasgow Society ‘Cross Words’ (Glasgow), Delphian Gallery’s Open Call Exhibition 2020 (Online) and Warbling Collective’s ‘Ghosts That Live Amongst Us’  By Robyn Graham at 155A gallery 2020 (London), ‘Curated for Christmas’ 2020 By Bowes Parris Gallery and All Mouth Gallery (London), and The Tub’s ‘Life On Venus’ 2021 (London). In 2019 She embarked on a residency with PADA’s in Barreiro, Portugal. During the pandemic she founded an Instagram page titled ‘Walk On By Window Exhibition’ giving platform to artists worldwide to exhibit from their windows.

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