Hannah Li

Hannah Li (b. 1987, London, England) is the founder and maker behind November Hands, specialising in ceramics, working with clay to create functional art forms. Her style is based very much on organic forms, with a focus on handmade wheel thrown pieces. The aesthetics of November Hands embraces the natural pigments of the clay, with many pieces left unglazed allowing the viewer to appreciate the delicate, raw imperfections of each piece. Currently based in the Netherlands, she experiments and creates from her small basement studio. Her technique and process is mainly self-taught, having developed her own style organically over time.
Her experimentation with the Nerikomi technique led her to achieve the checkerboard pieces, bringing together a love of both hand building with wheel throwing to her work. The contrast of the graphical element from the checkerboard, in contrast to the fluid organic form represents the signature styles of November Hands.

Wondering People_Hannah Li

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