Léa Ferling

Léa Ferling (b. 1994, Orléans, France), with no education, describes herself as a ‘self-made woman’. Léa moved to Paris to become a chef and worked in gastronomic restaurants for several years, where she developed her love for arts and crafts by working with the hands.
In her spare time, Léa learnt how to make ceramics and fell in love with stoneware and the multiple possibilities it can produce. She defines her work as imperfect, expressing her vision of beauty as atypical and impermanent. The artist works with specifically French stoneware, using the ‘punch technique’ so that her pieces become unique and special with their own imperfections.
Léa often creates small collections of tableware, keeping in mind the pieces her chef friends would like to use. When she isn’t creating utilitarian objects, the artist lets her mind wander and moulds abstract sculptures.

Wondering People_Léa Ferling

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