Nettle Grellier

Nettle Grellier (b. 1993, Stroud, England) graduated with a BA in Fine Art Painting from the University of Brighton in 2015, before completing the Turps Banana Correspondence Course in 2020.
Nettle's work considers the figure through several semi-autobiographical motifs: disobedient dogs, soft bodies, and disquieting, gossipping subjects. Taking influences from artists such as Paula Rego and Dolly Parton, she uses references across high and low culture to delight in unashamedly slovenly, feral, and unpredictable womanhood. Based in Cornwall, and having always lived and worked in rural settings, Nettle also examines the nature of gossip and storytelling as tradition.  
Her work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom, America, Europe and Australia. Her solo presentations include She Always Does Have a Good Time, Huxley Parlour Gallery, London (2022) Come to Good, Delphian Gallery, London (2021), Easy Peelers, That Art Gallery, Bristol (2019), and recent selected group and two-person exhibitions include Even the Worm Will Turn, SohoRevue, London (2022), Vanguards, Unit London, (2022), An Arcadian Kind of Love, Soho Revue, (2022), and Tide Pools, Ground Floor Contemporary, Alabama (2022), Safe As Milk, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh (2021). Nettle lives and works in Cornwall.

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