Rachel Stanley

Wondering People_Rachel Stanley

Rachel Stanley (b. 1996, Epsom, based in Edinburgh, UK) is a painter whose practice speculates on the possibilities between abstraction and figuration. Taking reference from natural forms and the human body, the paintings perform a shifting of perspectives - looking across, over, under and through - in order to obscure and undo the landscape. Bringing sentience to otherwise static forms, the works exist in a grey ‘between' area, suggesting double meanings and requiring multiple visits.
The works employ a playful consideration of materiality and surface, utilising burlap, calico and muslin in place of canvas, and painting in varying degrees of thickness - gently staining, thickly layering, and using gestural mark-making more akin to drawing. This is an intuitive and sensory process, whereby paintings reveal themselves over time.
Rachel studied at Goldsmiths (2014-17) before undertaking her MA at Edinburgh College of Art (2021-22). Recent exhibitions include Salt Lick, Whitespace Gallery (Edinburgh, 2022); Prestwick II, New Glasgow Society East (Glasgow, 2022); Separate Ways Together, Wondering People (London, 2022); Bladderwrack, Crownpoint Studios (Glasgow, 2022); Cruel Intentions, Arusha Gallery, (London, 2021).

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