Alexandria Coe | GUEST ARTIST

"The pair of etchings depict a couple closely embracing and a single hand drawing them together. There is a sense of mystery and intrigue without being an obviously identifiable couple. I wanted to create something with a little intrigue. Something that you have to get close to - to see what it is. Creating some intimacy around an intimate scene itself." 
Inspired by real people and the physicality of bodies, Alexandria Coe (b.1990 Colchester, England) draws from life models. Alexandria's work acts as self-care in dialogue with her own body and holds cathartic values. Also a meditative process, she transforms bodies into minimalist lines and curves: creating movements with a simple mark on paper. Primarily working with charcoal, this technique embodies her ethos and materialises her organic and intuitive practice. In a need to strip bodies away from any surplus, the artist proposes a figuration by contours.
With her drawings, Alexandria aspires to remove bodies from any social construct. If drawing them is a freeing practice, it’s also a form of liberty for her female models. By portraying the female form, Alexandria explores her own feminism and is able to accept her own evolving version of womanhood. Through a process of self-acceptance, she celebrates the body’s rawness and primal needs, exploring themes such as love and sexuality. 
Based between London and Athens, Alexandria is hoping that the Mediterranean light will guide her in a new direction. By re-interpreting the female body, the artist immerses us in the delicate intimacy of the female condition.

Wondering People_Alexandria Coe | GUEST ARTIST

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