Flora Wallace

Wondering People_Flora Wallace

Flora Wallace (b. 1990, Hampshire, England) completed a Fine Art Foundation before carrying out an apprenticeship in Spain with a bronze sculptor. This was a defining moment as she became truly interested in form and the tactile nature of sculpture. Following a 3D Design and Material Practice BA course at Brighton University, Flora now specialises in ceramics.
Drawing and painting hugely influence the way she works, whilst the forms she creates with clay also inspire her drawing and paintings, intertwining the three mediums. Flora makes her ceramics by hand, as she treasures the uneven but complex textures that can be left by the hand and the way they reveal parts of the making process.
“I am intrigued by the mysterious creatures that live in our oceans. The inspiration for the porcelain ceiling pendants comes from the jellyfish. My main aim is to capture something of their mesmerising movements. They use jet propulsion which results in a sort of ballooning undulation. Each jellyfish ceiling pendant is hand built using paper porcelain clay which I paint with oxides and fire three times. I use porcelain as it has a translucency and delicacy no other clay has.” Flora Wallace

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