Enjoy our carefully curated selection of finely crafted objects and oddities from new artisans spanning the UK and beyond. The essence of our HOME collection is deeply rooted in the aesthetic and ambiance of personal living spaces. Drawing inspiration from the warmth and familiarity of domestic environments, our new project is a manifestation of what individuals yearn to surround themselves with - pieces that resonate with personal narratives and evoke a sense of belonging.
Wondering People_Twist Candleholder_1
Wondering People_Spiral Coaster Set_2
Wondering People_La Chaleur_3
Wondering People_La Pierre_4
Wondering People_Ripple Olive_5
Wondering People_Ripple Pecan_6
Wondering People_Ripple Rose_7
Wondering People_Ripple Cup Purple_8
Wondering People_Ripple Cup Pink_9
Wondering People_Ripple Cup Green_10
Wondering People_Ripple Cup Amber_11
Wondering People_Small Oval Cobalt Dash Platter_12
Wondering People_Small Cobalt Dash Plate_13
Wondering People_Medium Cobalt Dash Platter_14
Wondering People_Medium Cobalt Dash Plate_15
Wondering People_Shell, Movement Candle Holders_16
Wondering People_Low Guardian Bowl_17
Wondering People_Small Guardian Lamp_18
Wondering People_Force Et Délicatesse_19
Wondering People_Barfleur_20
Wondering People_Etretat_21
Wondering People_Menton_22
Wondering People_Ault_23
Wondering People_Trouville_24
Wondering People_Lobster Blue_25
Wondering People_Whalebone_26
Wondering People_Tall Lobster Blue_27
Wondering People_Embroidered Strip Cloth Cushion_28
Wondering People_Scalloped Edge Bowl_29
Wondering People_Platter With Cobalt Glaze_30
Wondering People_Ochre Bowl_31
Wondering People_Bowl With Cobalt Lined Edge_32
Wondering People_Table Candle Holder_33
Wondering People_Fruit Bowl_34
Wondering People_Calm Tray_35
Wondering People_Five Petal Tray_36
Wondering People_Espresso Cup Set - Coffee Spill II_37
Wondering People_Blood Brush Rays Candlestick Holder_38
Wondering People_Lamb Rays Candlestick Holder_39
Wondering People_Arms_40
Wondering People_Offering Plate_41
Wondering People_Phylis Candlestick Holder - Lamb_42
Wondering People_Power Incense Holder - Moss_43
Wondering People_Power Incense Holder - Speckle Brown_44
Wondering People_La Lumiere Plate_45
Wondering People_Red Picnic Bowl_46
Wondering People_Blue Bowl_47
Wondering People_Picnic Platter_48
Wondering People_Tassel Vase I_49
Wondering People_Tassel Vase IV_50
Wondering People_Tassel Vase V_51
Wondering People_Raffia Vase I_52
Wondering People_Tassel Vase III_53
Wondering People_Tassel Vase II_54
Wondering People_Granny Jumbo_55
Wondering People_The Giraffe_56
Wondering People_Cashew Lamp_57
Wondering People_Stool I_58
Wondering People_Kente Re-coded 01_59
Wondering People_Légèreté_60
Wondering People_Coup De Foudre_61
Wondering People_Les Lumières De Chez Moi_62
Wondering People_Vase_63
Wondering People_Small Vessel_64
Wondering People_Wide Neck Vase_65
Wondering People_Espresso Cup Set I_66
Wondering People_Espresso Cup Set II_67
Wondering People_Jug I_68
Wondering People_Jug II_69
Wondering People_Jug III_70
Wondering People_Medieval Jug_71
Wondering People_Medieval Jug II_72
Wondering People_Mug II_73
Wondering People_Mug III_74
Wondering People_Mug IV_75
Wondering People_Pilgrim Flask I_76
Wondering People_Pilgrim Flask II_77
Wondering People_Pilgrim Flask III_78
Wondering People_Colander I_79
Wondering People_Colander II_80
Wondering People_Vase_81
Wondering People_Hollow Way Vase_82
Wondering People_Vase_83
Wondering People_Figure Candlestick III_84
Wondering People_Figure Candlestick II_85
Wondering People_Figure Candlestick I_86
Wondering People_Jacobean Brick_87
Wondering People_Scallop Shell_88
Wondering People_Study Of Hands_89
Wondering People_Seaweed Green Jellyfish Platter_90
Wondering People_Seaweed Green Spotted Sea Anenome Wall Light_91
Wondering People_Ink Blue Striped Sea Anemone Wall Light_92
Wondering People_Sea Anenome Wall Light In Seaweed Green_93
Wondering People_The End Is The Beginning Candle_94
Wondering People_Garnering Candle_95
Wondering People_Dispersion Candle_96
Wondering People_Anthesis Candle_97
Wondering People_Tillering Candle_98
Wondering People_Sprouting Candle_99
Wondering People_Germination Candle_100
Wondering People_Dormancy Candle_101
Wondering People_Gumdrop Vessel_102
Wondering People_Lying in a Grape (XI)_103
Wondering People_Lying In A Grape (VIII)_104
Wondering People_Lying In A Grape (VII)_105
Wondering People_Lying In A Grape (IX)_106
Wondering People_Lying In A Grape (X)_107
Wondering People_Porcelain Jar - Brown Slip_108
Wondering People_Porcelain Jar - Dark Green Slip_109
Wondering People_Porcelain Jar - Black Slip_110
Wondering People_Untitled Brass Plates_111
Wondering People_Knife & Fork Tile_112
Wondering People_The Walls Are Listening In Aluminium_113
Wondering People_The Original Tile_114
Wondering People_The Walls Are Listening In Bronze_115
Wondering People_Tenmoku Jar_116
Wondering People_Kumi Dashi_117
Wondering People_Goblet I_118
Wondering People_Goblet II_119
Wondering People_Goblet III_120
Wondering People_Guinomi_121
Wondering People_Monkey Stool_122
Wondering People_M Stool_123
Wondering People_Kame_124
Wondering People_Facetted Lidded Jar_125
Wondering People_Facetted Lidded Jar II_126
Wondering People_Cancale_127
Wondering People_Marrow Vase - Speckle Brown_128
Wondering People_Bone Vase - Lamb_129
Wondering People_Espresso Cup Set - Cross_130
Wondering People_Speckle Brown Rays Candlestick Holder_131
Wondering People_Espresso Cup Set - Coffee Spill I_132
Wondering People_Power Incense Holder_133
Wondering People_Straight Into My Arms_134
Wondering People_Love Is Real II_135
Wondering People_Love Is Real I_136
Wondering People_Still Life With Mortadella And Squash Blossoms_137
Wondering People_Embroidered Tapestry_138
Wondering People_Toasted Ceramic Bowl_139
Wondering People_Ceramic Bowl_140
Wondering People_Ragged Edge Bowl_141
Wondering People_His Breakfast Tray_142
Wondering People_Birch Tray_143
Wondering People_Une Partie De Tarot_144
Wondering People_Plenty_145
Wondering People_Trio I_146
Wondering People_Trio II_147
Wondering People_Trio III_148
Wondering People_Cursive_149
Wondering People_Big Top_150
Wondering People_Facet_151
Wondering People_Flo_152
Wondering People_Wide Neck Vase_153
Wondering People_Small Vase_154
Wondering People_Mug I_155
Wondering People_Dwojaki_156
Wondering People_Figure Dish_157
Wondering People_Figure Dish_158
Wondering People_Crescive Candle_159
Wondering People_Madame Papillion_160
Wondering People_Plat Du Jour_161
Wondering People_Opera Vessel_162

Index of Artists

Abhishek KhedekarAleksandra NiemczykAlexandra DuprezAlexandria Coe | GUEST ARTISTAli HewsonAndrew ScottAngus MunkAnna KoraAnyaa DevBarney CurranBen Bradish-EllamesBobbye FermieCaspar BaileyDea DomusDham SrifuengfungEbrahim Bahaa-EldinEd BurkesElena Bianca ZagariFlora WallaceGabriella RhodesGeorge MorganGiulio GhirardiGreg BeckerHannah AckroydHolly MillsIsabelle CarrJack SamelsJameela Stenheden Gordon-KingJay HarperJessica TremaineJiahe ZhangJoe GambleJorge Suárez-KilziJoseph GoodyJurga NekrasaiteKate SempleLavinia GallieLeggy GordonLottie HampsonMark ManziMary Macken AllenMathilde FelterMax FreundMikael SiiriläMiro Lovejoy TeplitzkyOleksandra MartsonOliver OffordOtis BleaseOwen DaviesRie KitagawaRose ShuckburghSophie MerrellTim SalisburyTor HarrisonYiwei XuYrhes

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