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Wondering People_'Ah It Was A Fine Night, A Warm Night, A Wine-Drinking Night, A Moony Night', Jack Kerouac_1
Wondering People_10th March_2
Wondering People_15th August_3
Wondering People_571 Landscape_4
Wondering People_A Daily Dance_5
Wondering People_A Fleur D'eau_6
Wondering People_A Pair Of Quinces_7
Wondering People_A Study For Dancing Figures (Pair)_8
Wondering People_A Study For Forever_9
Wondering People_A Study For Four Dancers On Brown_10
Wondering People_A Study For Newquay_11
Wondering People_A Study For West End Co._12
Wondering People_Aberdaron Small_13
Wondering People_Abstract Aerial_14
Wondering People_Alcazar_15
Wondering People_Alinéa_16
Wondering People_An Apricot_17
Wondering People_Andhra Bhavan_18
Wondering People_Anti-Enkidu Inverted_19
Wondering People_April '21_20
Wondering People_As The Wind Moves, It Doubts Wings_21
Wondering People_Ash Glazed Teapot_22
Wondering People_Au Creux Du Volcan_23
Wondering People_August Rain_24
Wondering People_Awake_25
Wondering People_Back And Forth_26
Wondering People_Balanced_27
Wondering People_Barfleur_28
Wondering People_BBQ_29
Wondering People_Beard Lichen_30
Wondering People_Before We Go_31
Wondering People_Bend_32
Wondering People_Bennett's Cross_33
Wondering People_Big Top_34
Wondering People_Biofilm I_35
Wondering People_Biofilm II_36
Wondering People_Birch Tray_37
Wondering People_Bird_38
Wondering People_Bird Song_39
Wondering People_Black Bobble Plate_40
Wondering People_Black Moon Bowl_41
Wondering People_Blended Family_42
Wondering People_Blue Jug, Striped Egg Cup_43
Wondering People_Blue, Black And Green_44
Wondering People_Boiled Eggs_45
Wondering People_Bone Vase - Lamb_46
Wondering People_Bound_47
Wondering People_Boundary_48
Wondering People_Boxer Study_49
Wondering People_Bread And Butter_50
Wondering People_Breakfast In Sardinia With Dogwood Flowers_51
Wondering People_Buckfast Butterfly House (Elephant Ear, Swallowtail)_52
Wondering People_Burnt Ochre Triangles_53
Wondering People_Burnt Orange Tree_54
Wondering People_Camo_55
Wondering People_Cancale_56
Wondering People_Carved Soil Bowl II_57
Wondering People_Carved Soil Bowl III_58
Wondering People_Castle_59
Wondering People_Catching Ghosts_60
Wondering People_Ceramic Bowl_61
Wondering People_Chartreuse Field_62
Wondering People_Cinematography_63
Wondering People_Climbing Through Darkened Hills_64
Wondering People_Cloud Sculptors_65
Wondering People_Colander II_66
Wondering People_Commuting_67
Wondering People_Container 01_68
Wondering People_Container 02_69
Wondering People_Container 03_70
Wondering People_Corolle_71
Wondering People_County_72
Wondering People_Cradling Myself_73
Wondering People_Crescive Candle_74
Wondering People_Croco_75
Wondering People_Culturisme_76
Wondering People_Cursive_77
Wondering People_Cylinder Container 01_78
Wondering People_Cylinder Moon Spike_79
Wondering People_Daffodils in Vase 1_80
Wondering People_Dancers On The Moon_81
Wondering People_Dante_82
Wondering People_Dark Green Triangles_83
Wondering People_Deep Fruit Dish_84
Wondering People_Denial Of Blue_85
Wondering People_Diadema 
Wondering People_Dinner Guest_87
Wondering People_Direction_88
Wondering People_Direction_89
Wondering People_Double Pyramid (Pink)_90
Wondering People_Drakkar_91
Wondering People_Dream_92
Wondering People_Dreamer_93
Wondering People_Duetto_94
Wondering People_Dusk_95
Wondering People_Dwelling_96
Wondering People_Dwojaki_97
Wondering People_Earth And Sky_98
Wondering People_Earth Mound_99
Wondering People_Eau de Parfum (Souffleuse) V_100
Wondering People_Embroidered Tapestry_101
Wondering People_Espresso Cup Set - Coffee Spill I_102
Wondering People_Espresso Cup Set - Cross_103
Wondering People_Estovers_104
Wondering People_Evening_105
Wondering People_Eyes_106
Wondering People_Face As Mountains_107
Wondering People_Face As Mountains_108
Wondering People_Facet_109
Wondering People_Facetted Lidded Jar_110
Wondering People_Feet I_111
Wondering People_Feet II_112
Wondering People_Feet IV_113
Wondering People_Fell II_114
Wondering People_Fell Slate_115
Wondering People_Field (Triangles)_116
Wondering People_Figure Candlestick I_117
Wondering People_Figure Dish_118
Wondering People_Figure Dish_119
Wondering People_First Vista_120
Wondering People_Fish Curry_121
Wondering People_Fish On Green Gingham_122
Wondering People_Flo_123
Wondering People_Force Et Délicatesse_124
Wondering People_Forever_125
Wondering People_Four Ovals (Summer)_126
Wondering People_Free Fall_127
Wondering People_Fruit Bowl_128
Wondering People_Fruit Bucket_129
Wondering People_Gardiens_130
Wondering People_Georgie_131
Wondering People_Girandola_132
Wondering People_Goblet II_133
Wondering People_Golden Field_134
Wondering People_Grace Notes_135
Wondering People_Green Throw (Life Room)_136
Wondering People_Green Wave_137
Wondering People_Green Wheat_138
Wondering People_Green/ Indigo Shape_139
Wondering People_Grow_140
Wondering People_Growing Pains_141
Wondering People_Gymkhana Club_142
Wondering People_Hair Tie_143
Wondering People_Hairyweeds_144
Wondering People_Hands_145
Wondering People_Happiness Only Real When Shared_146
Wondering People_Happy Days_147
Wondering People_Happy Shopper_148
Wondering People_Happy Union_149
Wondering People_Haystack_150
Wondering People_Hidden Ovals_151
Wondering People_High Noon_152
Wondering People_His Breakfast Tray_153
Wondering People_Hollow Way Vase_154
Wondering People_Hookney Tor_155
Wondering People_Horniman Butterfly House (Egg Fly, Morpho)_156
Wondering People_Horniman Butterfly House (Zebra Longwing, Elephant Ear, Egg Fly)_157
Wondering People_Hot Earth_158
Wondering People_Hothouse_159
Wondering People_House_160
Wondering People_Hydrangea Dish_161
Wondering People_I_162
Wondering People_I Wish I Could Live Here With You_163
Wondering People_II_164
Wondering People_Impression Of A Pine Tree_165
Wondering People_In Bloom_166
Wondering People_Indigo Zzs_167
Wondering People_Indigo, Orange and green_168
Wondering People_IV_169
Wondering People_Kame_170
Wondering People_Kaolin_171
Wondering People_Kink_172
Wondering People_La Lumiere Plate_173
Wondering People_Lay In A Shimmer_174
Wondering People_Legs Bowl_175
Wondering People_Lemoyne Street I_176
Wondering People_Life_177
Wondering People_Lifter_178
Wondering People_Lily, As Smoke, As Lyra_179
Wondering People_Lioness_180
Wondering People_Lioness_181
Wondering People_Lobster Blue_182
Wondering People_Long Furlong_183
Wondering People_Lost Somewhere, Sometime In The Afternoon_184
Wondering People_Louvres_185
Wondering People_Love Is Real I_186
Wondering People_Love Is Real II_187
Wondering People_Low Footed Bowl_188
Wondering People_Lunar Plate_189
Wondering People_Lyra I_190
Wondering People_Lyra III_191
Wondering People_Lyrical Headache_192
Wondering People_Mackerel Point_193
Wondering People_Madame Papillion_194
Wondering People_Made To Be Seen_195
Wondering People_Magma XXII_196
Wondering People_Marble Cup_197
Wondering People_Marrow Vase - Speckle Brown_198
Wondering People_Mellita II_199
Wondering People_Menton_200
Wondering People_Merlons_201
Wondering People_Metamorphose I_202
Wondering People_Metamorphose II_203
Wondering People_Missing Links_204
Wondering People_Moon Drawings: Last Quarter, Waning Crescent_205
Wondering People_Moon Jar I_206
Wondering People_Moon Jar II_207
Wondering People_Moon Plate_208
Wondering People_Moor, Moved, Slowly_209
Wondering People_Morning Rest_210
Wondering People_Moss Rays Candlestick Holder_211
Wondering People_Mug I_212
Wondering People_Mushroom I_213
Wondering People_Mushroom II_214
Wondering People_Mushroom III_215
Wondering People_Mushroom IV_216
Wondering People_Mushroom V_217
Wondering People_Mushroom VI_218
Wondering People_Nathan_219
Wondering People_Near And Far_220
Wondering People_No Lost Steps_221
Wondering People_Nostos_222
Wondering People_Nu Blue Belly Moon_223
Wondering People_Nu Blue Fish_224
Wondering People_Nu Blue Spike Belly_225
Wondering People_Nu Blue Spike Totem_226
Wondering People_Ochre Rose Triangles_227
Wondering People_Ochre vessel XV_228
Wondering People_Octobre_229
Wondering People_Octopus_230
Wondering People_Offering Plate_231
Wondering People_On The Stream_232
Wondering People_Open A Gate To A Bench_233
Wondering People_Oranges_234
Wondering People_Oval (Rose)_235
Wondering People_Ovals (Rose)_236
Wondering People_Ovals (Three Blues)_237
Wondering People_Over To Monrovia_238
Wondering People_Pair Of Candleholders_239
Wondering People_Pear & Fig_240
Wondering People_Pénélope_241
Wondering People_Perspective_242
Wondering People_Petit I_243
Wondering People_Petit II_244
Wondering People_Petit III_245
Wondering People_Petit IV_246
Wondering People_Phylis Candlestick Holder - Lamb_247
Wondering People_Pilgrim Moon Spike_248
Wondering People_Plain 2_249
Wondering People_Plan For Sculpture Made Of Sweet Lemony Wax_250
Wondering People_Plenty_251
Wondering People_Pool Scene_252
Wondering People_Porthor Rocks Pink_253
Wondering People_Porthor Rocks Pink 2_254
Wondering People_Power Incense Holder_255
Wondering People_Protostar_256
Wondering People_Ragged Edge Bowl_257
Wondering People_Rear Window_258
Wondering People_Reindeer Moss_259
Wondering People_Rishikesh_260
Wondering People_River Path_261
Wondering People_Rock Stack_262
Wondering People_Rond Pagan_263
Wondering People_Rose Garden_264
Wondering People_Roundandround_265
Wondering People_Sabrina_266
Wondering People_Safdarjung Enclave_267
Wondering People_Sandy Acres_268
Wondering People_Sat_269
Wondering People_Sat (Life Room)_270
Wondering People_Sat Study_271
Wondering People_Saving The Eggs_272
Wondering People_Scout_273
Wondering People_Sea Dog_274
Wondering People_Sea Square_275
Wondering People_Seated Dancers on Blue_276
Wondering People_Seated Figure_277
Wondering People_Seduction_278
Wondering People_Seeing The Sky At Dusk_279
Wondering People_Seen_280
Wondering People_Sequence_281
Wondering People_Shaggy Strap Lichen_282
Wondering People_Shaking Each Other's Bodies Water Inside_283
Wondering People_Shapes In Wind_284
Wondering People_She Sat Back For A Minute To Ponder Her Next Move In The Game_285
Wondering People_Shifting Symbols Of A Beckoning Dream_286
Wondering People_Significant Form_287
Wondering People_Skeleton Point_288
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 11_289
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 16_290
Wondering People_Skulptur Im Park I_291
Wondering People_Skulptur Im Park III_292
Wondering People_Skulptur Im Park IV_293
Wondering People_Skulptur Im Park VI_294
Wondering People_Skulptur Im Park VII_295
Wondering People_Sleeping, Large-Scale On Paper_296
Wondering People_Slipware Feather Comb Dish White And Black_297
Wondering People_Slipware Feather Comb Oval Dish_298
Wondering People_Small Bowl_299
Wondering People_Small Candle Holder_300
Wondering People_Small Vase_301
Wondering People_Small Wales III_302
Wondering People_Snake_303
Wondering People_Soft Red Dip Rays Candlestick Holder_304
Wondering People_Soil Petroglyph_305
Wondering People_Something Easy_306
Wondering People_Spiral_307
Wondering People_Spouted Vase_308
Wondering People_Star Plate_309
Wondering People_Stary Pants_310
Wondering People_Stepping On Oranges_311
Wondering People_Still Life With Mortadella And Fig_312
Wondering People_Still Life With Mortadella And Pear_313
Wondering People_Still Life With Mortadella And Squash Blossoms_314
Wondering People_Stirrup Hoop_315
Wondering People_Straight Into My Arms_316
Wondering People_Street Scene I_317
Wondering People_Street Scene II_318
Wondering People_Structural Container 01_319
Wondering People_Structural Side Table 02_320
Wondering People_Structural Vessel 01_321
Wondering People_Structural Vessel 02_322
Wondering People_Structural Vessel 03_323
Wondering People_STRUCTURAL VESSEL 06_324
Wondering People_Stuck_325
Wondering People_Sumer_326
Wondering People_Sun On Stone_327
Wondering People_Swan_328
Wondering People_Swan Stream_329
Wondering People_Swans_330
Wondering People_Swoop_331
Wondering People_Tales Of Home_332
Wondering People_Tara_333
Wondering People_Tassel Vase I_334
Wondering People_Temple_335
Wondering People_That’s On The Other Side_336
Wondering People_The Dance_337
Wondering People_The Fall_338
Wondering People_The Jetty_339
Wondering People_The Party_340
Wondering People_The Scene_341
Wondering People_The Sea And The Trees_342
Wondering People_The Town_343
Wondering People_The Wait_344
Wondering People_The Waves Showed That Uneasiness_345
Wondering People_Theatre Mezzanine_346
Wondering People_Three Musicians_347
Wondering People_Tire Candle_348
Wondering People_Toasted Ceramic Bowl_349
Wondering People_Tomatoes_350
Wondering People_Totem_351
Wondering People_Touch_352
Wondering People_Towering 02_353
Wondering People_Toxo II_354
Wondering People_Traces Of Light_355
Wondering People_Tray I_356
Wondering People_Tray II_357
Wondering People_Tray III_358
Wondering People_Tree Lungwort_359
Wondering People_Trees At Pareham_360
Wondering People_Trio I_361
Wondering People_Trio II_362
Wondering People_Trio III_363
Wondering People_Turmeric Bottle Moon_364
Wondering People_Two Figures On Blue_365
Wondering People_Two Figures On Red_366
Wondering People_Two Figures Under A Tree_367
Wondering People_Two Lovers I_368
Wondering People_Two Small Vessels_369
Wondering People_Two Tone Green Check Twist Vase_370
Wondering People_Under A Spell_371
Wondering People_Under, Over, Cwm Elan_372
Wondering People_Une Partie De Tarot_373
Wondering People_Unity I_374
Wondering People_Unity II_375
Wondering People_Untitled_376
Wondering People_Untitled_377
Wondering People_Untitled_378
Wondering People_Untitled_379
Wondering People_Untitled_380
Wondering People_Untitled_381
Wondering People_Untitled_382
Wondering People_Untitled_383
Wondering People_Untitled_384
Wondering People_Untitled_385
Wondering People_Untitled_386
Wondering People_Untitled_387
Wondering People_Untitled_388
Wondering People_Untitled_389
Wondering People_Untitled_390
Wondering People_Untitled_391
Wondering People_Untitled_392
Wondering People_Untitled_393
Wondering People_Untitled_394
Wondering People_Untitled_395
Wondering People_Untitled (Hand And Wall)_396
Wondering People_Untitled (Night)_397
Wondering People_Untitled Brass Plates_398
Wondering People_Untitled I_399
Wondering People_Untitled I_400
Wondering People_Untitled I_401
Wondering People_Untitled II_402
Wondering People_Untitled II_403
Wondering People_Untitled III_404
Wondering People_Untitled III_405
Wondering People_Untitled IV_406
Wondering People_Untitled V_407
Wondering People_V_408
Wondering People_Vase I_409
Wondering People_Vase II_410
Wondering People_Vase III_411
Wondering People_View_412
Wondering People_Vitruvian Scroll Lampshade_413
Wondering People_Wade_414
Wondering People_Walkers_415
Wondering People_Watching_416
Wondering People_Water Bucket_417
Wondering People_Waters That Throw Up Salt_418
Wondering People_Wayside Flowers_419
Wondering People_Whalebone_420
Wondering People_What's Love Got To Do With It_421
Wondering People_When At home_422
Wondering People_White Garments_423
Wondering People_White Horse With Green Flowers (Collage)_424
Wondering People_White Jug with Flowers_425
Wondering People_White On Yellow Ochre_426
Wondering People_Wide Neck Vase_427
Wondering People_Wild Woods III_428
Wondering People_Window_429
Wondering People_Wish_430
Wondering People_Wood Fired Vase I_431
Wondering People_Wood Fired Vase II_432
Wondering People_Wood Fired Vase III_433
Wondering People_Wood Fired Vase IV_434
Wondering People_Wood Fired Vase V_435
Wondering People_Wrecker Williams_436
Wondering People_X_437
Wondering People_Yakisugi_438
Wondering People_Yellow Rock I_439
Wondering People_Yellow Rock II_440
Wondering People_You Are Everything To Me_441
Wondering People_You, Me And The Moon_442
Wondering People_Your Creation_443
Wondering People_Your Footprints Will Fill With Grass_444

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