Ali Hewson

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Ali Hewson (b. 1989, High Wycombe, UK) is an artist currently living and working in East Anglia, UK. She makes ceramic tableware and vessels inspired by historical objects, handwriting studies and repeated motifs. Her work applies traditional techniques to contemporary forms, often looking to 17th century slipware and London Delftware pieces.
A refined colour palette is led by materials; iron-heavy and white stoneware clays, and small batches of slip made by hand and carefully coloured with iron and cobalt oxides.
A graduate of Camberwell College of Arts, her work is stocked across Europe, the USA and Canada. It has been featured in publications including The World Of Interiors, House & Garden, Country Living, Elle Decoration, The FT and more.  
This group of pieces were fired in an all female wood firing in the anagama kiln at Oxford University Kiln site.
Photograph taken by Sophie Davidson

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