Mathilde Felter

Mathilde Felter is a self-taught French artist (b.1991, Carcassonne, France). She spent a lot of her childhood traversing the landscapes of Nigeria, Morocco, Indonesia and Spain. This imprinted a kaleidoscope of colours on her artistic vision. Settling in London, Mathilde honed her skills in print and embroidery alongside emerging fashion designers, but her heart always gravitated towards the realm of fine art.

Handwoven textiles became Mathilde's creative sanctuary, offering solace and inspiration through the beauty of natural silks, wools and linens. Every art piece she crafts is a labour of love, taking months of meticulous weaving, hand trimming and sewing. Her intention is to orchestrate a visual symphony of colours and textures, engaging the viewer in a heartfelt dialogue.

Weaving became a form of meditation, a way to untangle the complexities of life and nurture the authenticity within. Through her art, Mathilde invites you to immerse yourself in the intricate tapestry of human emotions, where imagination intertwines with reality, transcending boundaries and evoking a profound experience.

Wondering People_Mathilde Felter

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