Wondering People_Water Tower_1
Wondering People_Saloon Piano_2
Wondering People_Legs_3
Wondering People_Untitled_4
Wondering People_Untitled_5
Wondering People_Evening Sunflower_6
Wondering People_Saloon_7
Wondering People_Heart Chute_8
Wondering People_Narcissus_9
Wondering People_Music/ Yellow Jesus_10
Wondering People_Moment Of Worry_11
Wondering People_River Dance_12
Wondering People_Winged Man_13
Wondering People_A Long Way Back_14
Wondering People_Spring_15
Wondering People_Point, Red_16
Wondering People_Fields #1_17
Wondering People_Fields #2_18
Wondering People_Fields #3_19
Wondering People_Fields #4_20
Wondering People_Fields #5_21
Wondering People_Fields #6_22
Wondering People_Mound 10_23
Wondering People_Mound 16_24
Wondering People_Plain 1_25
Wondering People_Yellow Concourse_26
Wondering People_Three Musicians_27
Wondering People_Rose Garden_28
Wondering People_This Year Has Almost Gone_29
Wondering People_Sullington Hill_30
Wondering People_Teasles_31
Wondering People_Woodland Entrance_32
Wondering People_Peckham Rye Morning_33
Wondering People_Path To Beggars Bush_34
Wondering People_Denial Of Blue_35
Wondering People_Earth patterns: Ochre & Green_36
Wondering People_Earth patterns: Gold & Ochre_37
Wondering People_Tetris: Copper_38
Wondering People_Tetris: Denim_39
Wondering People_Tetris: Sun Rays_40
Wondering People_Tetris: Night Navy Blue_41
Wondering People_Tar Glow_42
Wondering People_Forrest Glow_43
Wondering People_Mauve Glow_44
Wondering People_Deep Waters Glow_45
Wondering People_Notebook Page 45_46
Wondering People_Notebook Page 41_47
Wondering People_Whirlpool_48
Wondering People_Umbrella_49
Wondering People_Together_50
Wondering People_Sealed_51
Wondering People_Orchid II_52
Wondering People_Cog_53
Wondering People_Une Maison Dans La Forêt_54
Wondering People_Charpai_55
Wondering People_One Hand, Two Bodies | The Pair_56
Wondering People_One Hand, Two Bodies II_57
Wondering People_One Hand, Two Bodies I_58
Wondering People_Summer Sheets_59
Wondering People_Shadow Stepping_60
Wondering People_Mull Loch_61
Wondering People_Boys_62
Wondering People_All Your Favourite Spots_63
Wondering People_In And Out, In And Out_64
Wondering People_Safe Place, Large-scale On Paper_65
Wondering People_Sleeping, Large Sketch On Paper_66
Wondering People_Red On Metallic Paper_67
Wondering People_Red With Socks_68
Wondering People_Ribbon Boy_69
Wondering People_Surrounded By Stars_70
Wondering People_God With A Thousand Moons_71
Wondering People_In The Distance_72
Wondering People_Back And Forth_73
Wondering People_Untitled_74
Wondering People_Dizziness_75
Wondering People_Big Ripples_76
Wondering People_People Are Walking By The Lake_77
Wondering People_It Was Raining_78
Wondering People_Force Et Délicatesse_79
Wondering People_Willows_80
Wondering People_Woodland Path_81
Wondering People_White Sky_82
Wondering People_Wayside Flowers_83
Wondering People_Two Trumpets_84
Wondering People_Mind Over Meteor_85
Wondering People_Waxing_86
Wondering People_Waning_87
Wondering People_Oxide Curve_88
Wondering People_Margin_89
Wondering People_Untitled (Dark Blue)_90
Wondering People_Violet Curve_91
Wondering People_Small Ovals II_92
Wondering People_Abundance, Cairo, Egypt_93
Wondering People_Portsaid, Egypt_94
Wondering People_Sound Sleep, Kitchen Of The Artist, Cairo, Egypt_95
Wondering People_Mirrors of the City II, Cairo, Egypt_96
Wondering People_Al Haram, Cairo Ring Road_97
Wondering People_Mirrors of the City, Cairo, Egypt_98
Wondering People_Home Inside-Out, Cairo, Egypt_99
Wondering People_Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt_100
Wondering People_Falling From A Hill For A View_101
Wondering People_Star In A Cave_102
Wondering People_04_103
Wondering People_03_104
Wondering People_02_105
Wondering People_01_106
Wondering People_Cats, Large-scale On Paper_107
Wondering People_In Bed, Large-scale On Paper_108
Wondering People_Red Sheets 3_109
Wondering People_Red And A Figure_110
Wondering People_Untitled_111
Wondering People_Untitled_112
Wondering People_Untitled_113
Wondering People_Untitled_114
Wondering People_Imakane_115
Wondering People_Nara_116
Wondering People_Pink Powder Note_117
Wondering People_Ochre And Siena_118
Wondering People_Two Moons_119
Wondering People_Notebook Page 47_120
Wondering People_Notebook Page 40_121
Wondering People_Notebook Page 31_122
Wondering People_Notebook Page 48_123
Wondering People_Two Moons Copper_124
Wondering People_Two Moons Polaris_125
Wondering People_Yakumi_126
Wondering People_Ichigo_127
Wondering People_Pun_128
Wondering People_Swimmer_129
Wondering People_Untitled, Copenhagen_130
Wondering People_Goats at Fort Kochi_131
Wondering People_Trees, Banyalbufar_132
Wondering People_Seagulls At Portobello Beach_133
Wondering People_We Think Of Grief As Being Grey, But Maybe It Is Yellow_134
Wondering People_I Return There In My Dreams (Diptych)_135
Wondering People_Erasure_136
Wondering People_Whole_137
Wondering People_Hill_138
Wondering People_Distance_139
Wondering People_Synchronized Love_140
Wondering People_Boys With A Star_141
Wondering People_Heart Shape_142
Wondering People_Blinded_143
Wondering People_Seated Figure on White_144
Wondering People_A Quitter's Game_145
Wondering People_Oyster Tiles_146
Wondering People_Hollyhock_147
Wondering People_Aux Des Amis_148
Wondering People_Café_149
Wondering People_Salina II_150
Wondering People_Salina_151
Wondering People_Blue_152
Wondering People_Florence_153
Wondering People_Shaggy Strap Lichen_154
Wondering People_Tree Lungwort_155
Wondering People_Beard Lichen_156
Wondering People_Everlast_157
Wondering People_The Big Reveal_158
Wondering People_Hidden Diamonds_159
Wondering People_Gold/ Green Ovals_160
Wondering People_Skeleton Coast_161
Wondering People_Homme Bras Bleus_162
Wondering People_Untitled_163
Wondering People_Untitled_164
Wondering People_Echo Park Lake_165
Wondering People_Down From Elysian Park_166
Wondering People_Coso_167
Wondering People_Kern_168
Wondering People_Park_169
Wondering People_Lemoyne Street I_170
Wondering People_Over To Monrovia_171
Wondering People_Swoop_172
Wondering People_Route 395 III_173
Wondering People_Route 395 II_174
Wondering People_Aberdaron Red II_175
Wondering People_Aberdaron Red I_176
Wondering People_Elephant Ear III_177
Wondering People_Elephant Ear II_178
Wondering People_Elephant Ear I_179
Wondering People_Century Plant X_180
Wondering People_Century Plant VI_181
Wondering People_Century Plant V_182
Wondering People_Century Plant IV_183
Wondering People_Century Plant II_184
Wondering People_Century Plant I_185
Wondering People_Bud_186
Wondering People_There In Desolated Flame_187
Wondering People_Rowan, Lyra, and The Ghost_188
Wondering People_A Coming Together Of Observations_189
Wondering People_Campsie_190
Wondering People_Paddock & A Stone Circle_191
Wondering People_A Study For Polly_192
Wondering People_The Swan Rider_193
Wondering People_Red_194
Wondering People_Helene And Her Sister_195
Wondering People_Kente Re-coded 01_196
Wondering People_Légèreté_197
Wondering People_Coup De Foudre_198
Wondering People_Les Lumières De Chez Moi_199
Wondering People_Sensitive Chaos_200
Wondering People_Untitled VI_201
Wondering People_Untitled II_202
Wondering People_Hands Move Mind_203
Wondering People_Erasure_204
Wondering People_Bricks_205
Wondering People_A Trip To Folding A Wave_206
Wondering People_Lovers Quay_207
Wondering People_As The Wind Moves It Doubts Wings_208
Wondering People_Vitrine Artworks_209
Wondering People_Malachite_210
Wondering People_Pick Of The Pineapple_211
Wondering People_Self Portrait As A Bird_212
Wondering People_Signs_213
Wondering People_You Embody Giants_214
Wondering People_Little Arthur_215
Wondering People_White Trees_216
Wondering People_Snow Pitch_217
Wondering People_Sledgers_218
Wondering People_Ruin_219
Wondering People_Chanctonbury_220
Wondering People_Looking At The People Walking_221
Wondering People_Towering_222
Wondering People_Rock Stack_223
Wondering People_You Over The Bridge, Look Here_224
Wondering People_Music_225
Wondering People_I Am Born Again All The Time_226
Wondering People_Ressurection in Pollença_227
Wondering People_Travel Sized Companion_228
Wondering People_Fever Dream In Oaxaca_229
Wondering People_Thoughts Whilst Burning_230
Wondering People_The Dinner That Broke The Ice_231
Wondering People_All I Want Is A Bit Of Drama_232
Wondering People_Crisps Don't Kill My Vibe_233
Wondering People_Weight_234
Wondering People_Taciturn_235
Wondering People_Secret Place_236
Wondering People_Ultrasound_237
Wondering People_Solace_238
Wondering People_Runner_239
Wondering People_Blue Across_240
Wondering People_Wrapped Around Me_241
Wondering People_Lifeguard Station_242
Wondering People_Bathhouse At Jacob Riis_243
Wondering People_Safdarjung Enclave_244
Wondering People_The Sea And The Trees_245
Wondering People_Folk Tales_246
Wondering People_The Flower Thief_247
Wondering People_Sara Looking Left_248
Wondering People_Floating Caryatids_249
Wondering People_Eos On The Pink Chair_250
Wondering People_Wild Woods I_251
Wondering People_Wild Woods II_252
Wondering People_Wild Woods IV_253
Wondering People_My Impression Of Kensal Canal_254
Wondering People_Wetlands Walk_255
Wondering People_Blue Wave_256
Wondering People_Blue Ridge II_257
Wondering People_Mackerel Point_258
Wondering People_Lift II (Life Room)_259
Wondering People_Landscape (Life Room)_260
Wondering People_Kneel_261
Wondering People_Home Is Where The Tea Is_262
Wondering People_Over The Mountains, There I Am_263
Wondering People_Untitled_264
Wondering People_Untitled_265
Wondering People_Untitled_266
Wondering People_Untitled_267
Wondering People_Untitled_268
Wondering People_Untitled_269
Wondering People_Untitled_270
Wondering People_To Hold Sunrise_271
Wondering People_A Person Who Holds Secrets_272
Wondering People_Leaf_273
Wondering People_Ballarat_274
Wondering People_Postcards_275
Wondering People_Oubliette_276
Wondering People_Feet III_277
Wondering People_City II_278
Wondering People_City I_279
Wondering People_Pear & Fig_280
Wondering People_Moth_281
Wondering People_Quince Bowl_282
Wondering People_Fruit Bowl_283
Wondering People_'Hope is the thing with feathers', Emily Dickinson_284
Wondering People_Untitled_285
Wondering People_Untitled (Blue)_286
Wondering People_Untitled (Sepia)_287
Wondering People_Sand Bar_288
Wondering People_Tall Trees At Pareham_289
Wondering People_Meeting_290
Wondering People_Beam_291
Wondering People_The Fall_292
Wondering People_Untitled_293
Wondering People_Untitled_294
Wondering People_Untitled_295
Wondering People_Hands_296
Wondering People_The Game_297
Wondering People_Presidio_298
Wondering People_Riverrun_299
Wondering People_Figure II_300
Wondering People_Figure I_301
Wondering People_Argile Verte_302
Wondering People_Lying Awake_303
Wondering People_Italics_304
Wondering People_Gecko_305
Wondering People_Barkindji Country (Kinchega N.P Gum)_306
Wondering People_Untitled (Red)_307
Wondering People_An Episode From The Life Of Drum_308
Wondering People_The Thud Of Feet_309
Wondering People_The Quiet_310
Wondering People_Spitting Pips_311
Wondering People_It's A Cheeky Insecurity_312
Wondering People_Untitled_313
Wondering People_Soichi_314
Wondering People_Cynefin_315
Wondering People_Peatland_316
Wondering People_Emer(gere)(A)gency Inverted_317
Wondering People_Anti-Enkidu Inverted_318
Wondering People_Right To Pasture_319
Wondering People_The Hunt_320
Wondering People_Common Land_321

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