Oleksandra Martson

Oleksandra Martson (b. 1984, Kyiv, Ukraine) is a figurative artist now based in London due to the full-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine. She was trained in oil painting and portraiture in her youth but did not pursue the artistic career until later in life. Oleksandra has extensive experience in design.
Most of Oleksandra`s works are oil paintings on canvas, some use mixed media. She combines painting and graphics in her art in research of a human body. Her signature style includes realistic painting, clean and dramatic composition with graphic detail. Her "Sleeping” series is the most important part of Oleksandra`s practice. The latest works are a search for peace in sleep through new forms and techniques in 2023. Earlier works explored sleep during the war and air defense alarms. Sleeping studies are full of sleep-death analogies in the anticipation of a tragedy coming.

Wondering People_Oleksandra Martson

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