George Morgan

George Morgan (b.1987, Oxford, England) is a British, U.K. based artist who grew up in Herefordshire and graduated from Falmouth College of Art, Cornwall in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. Following his degree show George became one of 7 shortlist artists and the subsequent winner of a coveted award, comprising a year’s occupancy of a large space at Krowji Studios in Cornwall, and exhibitions in two of Cornwall's most prominent galleries: the shortlist show at The Newlyn Gallery and a solo show as part of the following year’s award at Anima Mundi (formerly Millennium Gallery).
George’s career since has included numerous group and artist-led shows as well as 2 further solo exhibitions with a self-presentation coming up in London, in September 2023. He has done 3 European artist residencies; 2 at Cyprus College of Art and one in Dalsland, Sweden. As well as Cornwall, George has lived and worked in Bristol, Herefordshire, Somerset, Brighton and briefly, Berlin. He has been based in London since 2021 and works from his studio in the north of the city.
George is primarily a painter, working abstractly with occasional representational elements in oils on handmade traditional gesso panels and found substrates. His work draws largely from personal experience that resonates for him with a particular quality of feeling, exploring themes of isolation, trauma, love, longing, grief.

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