Joe Gamble

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Joe Gamble (b. 1990, Leeds, UK) lives and works in London. He graduated from The Drawing Year at the Royal Drawing School in 2019 and prior to that studied Graphic Communication at Bath School of Art & Design.

Working within the mediums of drawing and painting, Joe is intrigued by space, how it can be captured, interpreted and then finally presented.

Drawing gives him the opportunity to experience a place over a period of time. An opportunity to record quickly the environment around him, finding contours and perspectives from within which to manipulate new forms. These preliminary drawings, alongside memory, act as a source material for his studio practise, foundations from which he works in painting and creates pieces that convey a sense of space.

Projecting further than one fixed location, he creates work from which the natural environment is a primary inspiration. Form and composition is taken from the landscape, while colour is drawn from his own experiences of light and weather. It is a process of constant evolution from which eventually produces an expanse in celebration of form, space, landscape, weather, light, shadow and colour. A place for the viewer to occupy, interpret and respond to.
Selected exhibitions include Weather Etc (A Joe Gamble Solo Show) at Bodney Road studios, Best Of The Drawing Year at Christie’s London and Innocent Pleasures Suit Me with Warbling Collective. 

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