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Wondering People_Postcards_1
Wondering People_Presidio_2
Wondering People_Traffic Light Exhibition Poster_3
Wondering People_The Jetty_4
Wondering People_Barcelona_5
Wondering People_Pear & Fig_6
Wondering People_Lay In A Shimmer_7
Wondering People_Candle Holders_8
Wondering People_Gift Card_9
Wondering People_Anti-Enkidu Inverted_10
Wondering People_Quince Bowl_11
Wondering People_Florence_12
Wondering People_Healthy Relax Center_13
Wondering People_Deep End_14
Wondering People_A Table In Arcosanti_15
Wondering People_The Jetty IV_16
Wondering People_Utah_17
Wondering People_Norfolk: Shell_18
Wondering People_A Softer Touch_19
Wondering People_Unity I_20
Wondering People_Unité d'Habitation Marseille, 2011_21
Wondering People_Scicli, 2021_22
Wondering People_Candide_23
Wondering People_Clash_24
Wondering People_Commuting_25
Wondering People_Palermo, Sicily_26
Wondering People_Fruit Bowl_27
Wondering People_Mush Lamp_28
Wondering People_CDC Shrine_29
Wondering People_Lost Fragment_30
Wondering People_Chestnut Tree Driveby_31
Wondering People_Electric Thistle_32
Wondering People_The Game_33
Wondering People_Lisbon II_34
Wondering People_Untitled (Hand And Face)_35
Wondering People_Untitled (Park And Pedestrians)_36
Wondering People_With Charles II_37
Wondering People_Lisbon Cast_38
Wondering People_Friends On Street_39
Wondering People_Untitled (Wall And Mirror)_40
Wondering People_Untitled (Hand And Wall)_41
Wondering People_Calpe II_42
Wondering People_Calpe_43
Wondering People_Monto_44
Wondering People_Street_45
Wondering People_Flow_46
Wondering People_Rock_47
Wondering People_Horniman Butterfly House (Egg Fly, Morpho)_48
Wondering People_Vitrine Artworks_49
Wondering People_No Lost Steps_50
Wondering People_Arrangement No. 1_51
Wondering People_Malachite_52
Wondering People_Panhole_53
Wondering People_Earth Petrograph_54
Wondering People_Mynydd_55
Wondering People_Balanced Form_56
Wondering People_Alongside_57
Wondering People_Dunes_58
Wondering People_Daniel Buren, Marseille, 2008_59
Wondering People_Blue Rock Shrine_60
Wondering People_Stone Figures Shrine_61
Wondering People_Salt Shed Corner_62
Wondering People_Theatre Mezzanine_63
Wondering People_Figure In Mirror_64
Wondering People_Untitled_65
Wondering People_A Blank Space_66
Wondering People_After Dark_67
Wondering People_Untitled (Man And Chair)_68
Wondering People_Untitled (Rocks And Man)_69
Wondering People_Untitled (Forest)_70
Wondering People_Horniman Butterfly House (Zebra Longwing, Elephant Ear, Egg Fly)_71
Wondering People_Spring Street Salt Shed_72
Wondering People_Looking At The People Walking_73
Wondering People_Self Portrait As A Bird_74
Wondering People_Minna With Roman_75
Wondering People_Lucas_76
Wondering People_Pick Of The Pineapple_77
Wondering People_Lucas Sleeping_78
Wondering People_Untitled_79
Wondering People_Signs_80
Wondering People_Georgie_81
Wondering People_Three Naturists_82
Wondering People_Totem Spike_83
Wondering People_Half Moon_84
Wondering People_The Waves Showed That Uneasiness_85
Wondering People_Petrification Of Giants_86
Wondering People_You Embody Giants_87
Wondering People_A Study For Forever_88
Wondering People_Catching Ghosts_89
Wondering People_As The Wind Moves, It Doubts Wings_90
Wondering People_Two Figures Under A Tree_91
Wondering People_Open A Gate To A Bench_92
Wondering People_Little Arthur_93
Wondering People_A Study For Newquay_94
Wondering People_Together_95
Wondering People_Street_96
Wondering People_Street, Italy_97
Wondering People_Hair Tie_98
Wondering People_Close To You_99
Wondering People_Before We Go_100
Wondering People_You Over The Bridge, Look Here_101
Wondering People_River Path_102
Wondering People_White Trees_103
Wondering People_Snow Pitch_104
Wondering People_Sledgers_105
Wondering People_Ruin_106
Wondering People_Green Herd II_107
Wondering People_Chanctonbury_108
Wondering People_Arundel II_109
Wondering People_Spouted Vase_110
Wondering People_Wood Fired Vase V_111
Wondering People_Balanced_112
Wondering People_Towering_113
Wondering People_Rock Stack_114
Wondering People_Seen In A Dream_115
Wondering People_Fallen Trees_116
Wondering People_Gentle Afternoon_117
Wondering People_Aqueducts II_118
Wondering People_Wood Fired Vase III_119
Wondering People_Wood Fired Vase II_120
Wondering People_You Over The Bridge, Look Here_121
Wondering People_In_122
Wondering People_Sky, Blue, Fun_123
Wondering People_There, There_124
Wondering People_Never Start In The Middle, Just Turn Around And Start Again_125
Wondering People_Untitled_126
Wondering People_Stuck In The Rain_127
Wondering People_Turn Off The Hot Water_128
Wondering People_Music_129
Wondering People_I Am Born Again All The Time_130
Wondering People_Ressurection in Pollença_131
Wondering People_Travel Sized Companion_132
Wondering People_Thoughts Whilst Burning_133
Wondering People_Fever Dream In Oaxaca_134
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 9_135
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 15_136
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 14_137
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 13_138
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 12_139
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 11_140
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 10_141
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 7_142
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 6_143
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 5_144
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 4_145
Wondering People_Skulptur im Garten 2_146
Wondering People_Are You Watery_147
Wondering People_At Knees, At Shame, At Belly_148
Wondering People_La IIorona_149
Wondering People_Devilling_150
Wondering People_Fill Me In_151
Wondering People_Laugh At Myself (Oh Yeah Yeah)_152
Wondering People_Watch Me Twist_153
Wondering People_Night Time Nude_154
Wondering People_Colombia_155
Wondering People_Violet Grid_156
Wondering People_Untitled (Stone Blue)_157
Wondering People_Untitled (Green/ Orange)_158
Wondering People_Tangerine Grid_159
Wondering People_Sea Square_160
Wondering People_Palace_161
Wondering People_Palace (Sepia)_162
Wondering People_Palace (Rose)_163
Wondering People_Ornament_164
Wondering People_Lux (Violet)_165
Wondering People_Lux (Green)_166
Wondering People_Indigo Square_167
Wondering People_Game_168
Wondering People_Emblem (Sea Green)_169
Wondering People_Concertina_170
Wondering People_Black Diamond_171
Wondering People_Amish Gate_172
Wondering People_Normal for Norfolk: Hunstanton_173
Wondering People_Normal for Norfolk: Takeaway_174
Wondering People_Normal for Norfolk: Shepherd Port_175
Wondering People_Normal for Norfolk: Sandringham_176
Wondering People_Normal for Norfolk: Deadwood_177
Wondering People_Normal for Norfolk: Dersingham Bog_178
Wondering People_Borscht Beat: JFK_179
Wondering People_Borscht Beat: Monticello Raceway_180
Wondering People_Borscht Beat: Bethal_181
Wondering People_Borscht Beat: Damascus, PA_182
Wondering People_Borscht Beat: Lake Kauneonga_183
Wondering People_Borscht Beat: Central Park_184
Wondering People_Emergence_185
Wondering People_Moon Vase_186
Wondering People_Magma XXII_187
Wondering People_Magma XXI_188
Wondering People_Magma XX_189
Wondering People_Magma XIX_190
Wondering People_Magma XVIII_191
Wondering People_Magma XVII_192
Wondering People_Magma XVI_193
Wondering People_Magma XV_194
Wondering People_Magma XIV_195
Wondering People_Magma XIII_196
Wondering People_The Dinner That Broke The Ice_197
Wondering People_All I Want Is A Bit Of Drama_198
Wondering People_Crisps Don't Kill My Vibe_199
Wondering People_Cynefin_200
Wondering People_Norfolk: The North Shore_201
Wondering People_Norfolk: Over The Top_202
Wondering People_Norfolk: Dusk_203
Wondering People_Norfolk: Tracks_204
Wondering People_Norfolk: Holkham_205
Wondering People_Norfolk: Overy Mud Flats_206
Wondering People_Norfolk: The Hut_207
Wondering People_Alps: Into The Air_208
Wondering People_Alps: The Matterhorn From Stellisee_209
Wondering People_Alps: Col de Praflueri_210
Wondering People_Alps: Fenêtre d'Arpette_211
Wondering People_Alps: Glacier De Moiry_212
Wondering People_Weight_213
Wondering People_Temple_214
Wondering People_Braidwood_215
Wondering People_Kalaloch_216
Wondering People_Taree_217
Wondering People_PNW_218
Wondering People_Salish_219
Wondering People_Olympic NP_220
Wondering People_Oregon_221
Wondering People_Norway_222
Wondering People_The Street_223
Wondering People_The City_224
Wondering People_The Start_225
Wondering People_Moments_226
Wondering People_Life_227
Wondering People_Keepsake_228
Wondering People_Secret Place_229
Wondering People_Runner_230
Wondering People_Blue Across_231
Wondering People_Unity II_232
Wondering People_Basking_233
Wondering People_Roots, Routes_234
Wondering People_Traces Imprinted In Space II_235
Wondering People_Structural Vessel 02_236
Wondering People_Structural Side Table 02_237
Wondering People_Wrapped Around Me_238
Wondering People_Safdarjung Enclave_239
Wondering People_Tara_240
Wondering People_Fire And Rain_241
Wondering People_In Dreams_242
Wondering People_Room_243
Wondering People_The Sea And The Trees_244
Wondering People_Home_245
Wondering People_A Cloud And The Water_246
Wondering People_Weeds (Collage)_247
Wondering People_Fish Drying On A Beach In Goa (Collage)_248
Wondering People_Breakfast In Sardinia With Dogwood Flowers_249
Wondering People_Pines (Collage With Brown Paper)_250
Wondering People_Pines (Polka Dot)_251
Wondering People_Hand With Cigarette_252
Wondering People_Spring Leaves_253
Wondering People_Greek Women, Fishing_254
Wondering People_Left Pointing From Laundromat_255
Wondering People_Face_256
Wondering People_Nude_257
Wondering People_Unité d'Habitation Marseille, 2011_258
Wondering People_Pont Du Gard, 2011_259
Wondering People_Green Bathtub, 2022_260
Wondering People_Rounded Vase_261
Wondering People_Undulating Vase_262
Wondering People_Carved Bowl II_263
Wondering People_Carved Bowl I_264
Wondering People_Carved Bowl III_265
Wondering People_Seed Bowl_266
Wondering People_River Bowl II_267
Wondering People_River Bowl I_268
Wondering People_Carved Vase_269
Wondering People_Carved Wall Relief_270
Wondering People_Argile Verte_271
Wondering People_Stepping On Oranges_272
Wondering People_Rose Grid_273
Wondering People_Folk Tales_274
Wondering People_Untitled (Blue And Red)_275
Wondering People_Stumble Upon The Flight_276
Wondering People_Hero Is Within_277
Wondering People_Strawberry Cheesecake_278
Wondering People_Self Portrait In Hackney Studio, January_279
Wondering People_Nostos_280
Wondering People_Seaweed Diamond Stingray Ceiling Pendant_281
Wondering People_Large Ink Striped Jellyfish Ceiling Pendant_282
Wondering People_Small Ink Striped Jellyfish Lampshade_283
Wondering People_Ink Diamond Stingray Ceiling Pendant_284
Wondering People_Seaweed Spotted Jellyfish Ceiling Pendant_285
Wondering People_Small Ink Striped Jellyfish Ceiling Light_286
Wondering People_Small Seaweed Striped Jellyfish Light_287
Wondering People_Oyster Shell Ceiling Pendant_288
Wondering People_Tall Milk Jug_289
Wondering People_Small Milk Jug_290
Wondering People_Pilgrim Moon Spike_291
Wondering People_Mellita I_292
Wondering People_Toxo II_293
Wondering People_Traces Of Light_294
Wondering People_Wetlands Walk_295
Wondering People_My Impression Of Kensal Canal_296
Wondering People_Wild Woods IV_297
Wondering People_Wild Woods I_298
Wondering People_Wild Woods II_299
Wondering People_Wild Woods III_300
Wondering People_Spindle_301
Wondering People_Coast_302
Wondering People_Celeste_303
Wondering People_Yellow Baroque_304
Wondering People_Grace Notes_305
Wondering People_Minim_306
Wondering People_Tangier_307
Wondering People_Blue Figures_308
Wondering People_Diagonal Blue_309
Wondering People_Sun On Stone_310
Wondering People_Blue Baroque_311
Wondering People_Hidden Ovals_312
Wondering People_The Flower Thief_313
Wondering People_Sara Looking Left_314
Wondering People_Floating Caryatids_315
Wondering People_Eos On The Pink Chair_316
Wondering People_Untitled, 2020_317
Wondering People_Sicily, 2021_318
Wondering People_Loreto, 2009_319
Wondering People_Martine Pine_320
Wondering People_Paimio Sanatorium, 2019_321
Wondering People_Sicily, 2021_322
Wondering People_Untitled, 2022_323
Wondering People_Unité d'Habitation Marseille, 2011_324
Wondering People_Untitled, 2011_325
Wondering People_Chairs, Mantua, 2020_326
Wondering People_Przemyśl II_327
Wondering People_Aride_328
Wondering People_On Her Period Running Through Onion Fields_329
Wondering People_Tesco Self Portrait_330
Wondering People_Sandy Acres_331
Wondering People_Totem_332
Wondering People_Rear Window_333
Wondering People_Silk Street_334
Wondering People_Blue Wave_335
Wondering People_Blue Ridge II_336
Wondering People_Mackerel Point_337
Wondering People_Sat_338
Wondering People_Lift II (Life Room)_339
Wondering People_Landscape (Life Room)_340
Wondering People_Kneel_341
Wondering People_Pale Stripes_342
Wondering People_Spiral II_343
Wondering People_That’s Yours, Not Mine_344
Wondering People_Home Is Where The Tea Is_345
Wondering People_Over The Mountains, There I Am_346
Wondering People_Untitled_347
Wondering People_Untitled_348
Wondering People_Untitled_349
Wondering People_Untitled_350
Wondering People_Untitled_351
Wondering People_Untitled_352
Wondering People_Untitled_353
Wondering People_Untitled_354
Wondering People_Untitled_355
Wondering People_Untitled_356
Wondering People_To Hold Sunrise_357
Wondering People_A Person Who Holds Secrets_358
Wondering People_Dalt Vila_359
Wondering People_Leaf_360
Wondering People_Ballarat_361
Wondering People_I Think That I'm Some Sort Of Joke No.1_362
Wondering People_I Think That I'm Some Sort Of Joke No.2_363
Wondering People_Blue_364
Wondering People_Evening_365
Wondering People_Arrival_366
Wondering People_An Ode To Sean Scully_367
Wondering People_Horizon_368
Wondering People_Gallop_369
Wondering People_Bathed In Light_370
Wondering People_Oubliette_371
Wondering People_Yellow Figure On Blue (Forever)_372
Wondering People_Two Dancing Figures With Orange_373
Wondering People_Last Kiss_374
Wondering People_Mini Vase For Mini Arrangement_375
Wondering People_Vase For A Branch_376
Wondering People_Hat Lamp_377
Wondering People_Feet III_378
Wondering People_Feet II_379
Wondering People_City II_380
Wondering People_City I_381
Wondering People_Moth_382
Wondering People_Lily Pond_383
Wondering People_Piranesi_384
Wondering People_Ovals (Three Blues)_385
Wondering People_Maze_386
Wondering People_Puzzle_387
Wondering People_Dark Pyramid_388
Wondering People_Girls Who Work Together, Stay Together_389
Wondering People_Bluebird_390
Wondering People_Pollara, Salina_391
Wondering People_Rinella, Salina_392
Wondering People_Varanasi_393
Wondering People_Formentera_394
Wondering People_Palermo, Sicily_395
Wondering People_Concrete Jenga_396
Wondering People_Plaza Tower_397
Wondering People_TriBeCa Synagogue_398
Wondering People_Underpassing_399
Wondering People_Pier 88_400
Wondering People_Causeway_401
Wondering People_Summertime At The Guggenheim_402
Wondering People_Beinecke Rare Book Library_403
Wondering People_The Hurley Building_404
Wondering People_State Pavilion_405
Wondering People_Beach Shelter_406
Wondering People_The Bathhouse At Jacob Riis_407
Wondering People_Baranca Shrine_408
Wondering People_Angahuan Shrine_409
Wondering People_Stone Figures_410
Wondering People_Cacti_411
Wondering People_Valley Floor_412
Wondering People_Desert Powerlines_413
Wondering People_Truck_414
Wondering People_I Wish I Could Live Here With You_415
Wondering People_'Hope is the thing with feathers', Emily Dickinson_416
Wondering People_Untitled_417
Wondering People_Untitled (Blue)_418
Wondering People_Untitled (Sepia)_419
Wondering People_Long Furlong_420
Wondering People_On Chanctonbury Hill_421
Wondering People_Sand Bar_422
Wondering People_Red And Green Silhouette II_423
Wondering People_Tall Trees At Pareham_424
Wondering People_Trees At Pareham_425
Wondering People_Come Hither_426
Wondering People_Untitled (Cyprus Figure)_427
Wondering People_Shade_428
Wondering People_Power Incense Holder_429
Wondering People_Solved By Walking_430
Wondering People_Harbour_431
Wondering People_Depending On Its Very Supposing Outline_432
Wondering People_Ehrenfeld_433
Wondering People_Juvenile Disposition_434
Wondering People_A Bare Patch Of Earth_435
Wondering People_Stilled In A Camera’s Glare_436
Wondering People_Gostalitsa_437
Wondering People_Odd Balances IV_438
Wondering People_Calderdale_439
Wondering People_Llanberis_440
Wondering People_Colonsay Sundowner_441
Wondering People_Sand Riders In The Distance_442
Wondering People_Mermaids Do Exist_443
Wondering People_Winter Solstice_444
Wondering People_Dragon's Eye_445
Wondering People_Lordship_446
Wondering People_Colonsay_447
Wondering People_Tide Marks_448
Wondering People_Untitled_449
Wondering People_Untitled_450
Wondering People_Untitled_451
Wondering People_Untitled_452
Wondering People_Untitled_453
Wondering People_Untitled_454
Wondering People_Untitled_455
Wondering People_Untitled_456
Wondering People_Untitled_457
Wondering People_Untitled_458
Wondering People_Untitled_459
Wondering People_Untitled_460
Wondering People_Cellular Endorphins_461
Wondering People_Vase IV_462
Wondering People_Vase I_463
Wondering People_Water Drops_464
Wondering People_Child_465
Wondering People_Father_466
Wondering People_Mother_467
Wondering People_Meeting_468
Wondering People_Beam_469
Wondering People_Bahia_470
Wondering People_Kali_471
Wondering People_Infinite_472
Wondering People_Rafina_473
Wondering People_Occasions_474
Wondering People_Solar Balance_475
Wondering People_Checkered In Between_476
Wondering People_Cylindrical Vessel 05_477
Wondering People_Cylindrical Vessel 04_478
Wondering People_Cylindrical Vessel 03_479
Wondering People_Cylindrical Vessel 02_480
Wondering People_Cylindrical Vessel 01_481
Wondering People_The Fall_482
Wondering People_Untitled_483
Wondering People_Untitled_484
Wondering People_Untitled_485
Wondering People_Hands_486
Wondering People_Birds And Hands_487
Wondering People_New York New York_488
Wondering People_Girl With Windswept Hair_489
Wondering People_Girl Running In Field_490
Wondering People_Girl Red Lipstick_491
Wondering People_Flowers In Vase_492
Wondering People_Coat_493
Wondering People_Backs_494
Wondering People_Japan V_495
Wondering People_Japan IIII_496
Wondering People_Japan I_497
Wondering People_Not My Fight, Not My Fault_498
Wondering People_Riverrun_499
Wondering People_Biofilm II_500
Wondering People_Figure II_501
Wondering People_Figure I_502
Wondering People_Something Easy_503
Wondering People_Second Place Prize_504
Wondering People_Metamorphose III_505
Wondering People_Metamorphose I_506
Wondering People_Untitled (Stairs And Dress)_507
Wondering People_Untitled (Girl And Wolfdog)_508
Wondering People_Untitled (Bottle)_509
Wondering People_Take A Right_510
Wondering People_Lying Awake_511
Wondering People_Italics_512
Wondering People_Gecko_513
Wondering People_Rose Zigzag_514
Wondering People_Naîade_515
Wondering People_Carrara_516
Wondering People_Babylone_517
Wondering People_Alba_518
Wondering People_A Pair Of Egg Cups_519
Wondering People_Egg Cup_520
Wondering People_Oh No_521
Wondering People_Meatpacking District_522
Wondering People_Untitled I_523
Wondering People_The Jetty III_524
Wondering People_With Charles I_525
Wondering People_Family Eye_526
Wondering People_Evening Green_527
Wondering People_Path_528
Wondering People_Door, AZ_529
Wondering People_Tea Box_530
Wondering People_Kings Cross_531
Wondering People_Lorimer Street_532
Wondering People_New York Greenhouse_533
Wondering People_Beach Fire_534
Wondering People_Point Lookout_535
Wondering People_Beach Fire II_536
Wondering People_Alleyway, Nokomis_537
Wondering People_Skeleton Point_538
Wondering People_Cactus_539
Wondering People_Tasmania Thistles_540
Wondering People_Tilda_541
Wondering People_Barkindji Country (Murray River Gum)_542
Wondering People_I Just Can't Clean Enough_543
Wondering People_Untitled (Red)_544
Wondering People_Plumwood_545
Wondering People_Naarm (Merri Creek)_546
Wondering People_Kakadu Pananus_547
Wondering People_Ida Street Daisy_548
Wondering People_Barkindji Country (Kinchega N.P Gum)_549
Wondering People_The Quiet_550
Wondering People_Spitting Pips_551
Wondering People_An Episode From The Life Of Drum_552
Wondering People_The Thud Of Feet_553
Wondering People_Untitled II_554
Wondering People_Untitled (Foliage)_555
Wondering People_Untitled (Girl Spinning)_556
Wondering People_Untitled (Chair)_557
Wondering People_Pine Limb_558
Wondering People_Los Chicos_559
Wondering People_It's A Cheeky Insecurity_560
Wondering People_Lioness_561
Wondering People_Untitled_562
Wondering People_Buried Pot Duo_563
Wondering People_Mexico City III_564
Wondering People_Mexico City_565
Wondering People_Mosquito Net_566
Wondering People_Lyndale_567
Wondering People_Intersection Blues_568
Wondering People_The Headache_569
Wondering People_Roundandround_570
Wondering People_Arum_571
Wondering People_Soichi_572
Wondering People_Wilson's Head_573