Jiahe Zhang

Jiahe Zhang (b.1997) is a Chinese born Artist. In 2008 Zhang migrated from her hometown Dalian to the UK. After a turbulent time and graduating University, she found the freedom to finally pursue Artistic endeavours. Her practice has since been mainly concerned with painting, writing and making. 
Heavily influenced by her childhood, which was spent in a predominantly Buddhist yet rapidly developing China, she felt a strong need to represent the juxtaposition in which she harbours within herself and in the morality of her surrounding environment. Jiahe’s work often depicts abstract landscapes and figures, her brush strokes and choice of composition suggestively communicates surreal environments and soporific narratives. She finds inspiration and comfort in learning, thinking and feeling, her body of work is a intuitive and direct reflection of everything she knows, so far. 

Wondering People_Jiahe Zhang

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