Jameela Stenheden Gordon-King

Jameela Stenheden Gordon-King (b.1998, England) is a London based painter, having graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2022 she is now undertaking a Master’s degree at The Slade School of Fine Art.
Her work is a conversation between Self and the natural world. An exploration of the ways in which we interact and connect with the nature that surrounds us. The practice discusses these ancient notions. Experiences that bond us to civilisations, ancestors that came before us.
Through the medium of oil, she is able to immerse herself in the rituals that inform every aspect of our being. Responding to the earths tones through the collection of natural pigment, coupled with the movements of figures. Ever evolving as the light reflected on its surface shifts. The colours in symbiosis with the curvature of the brush strokes and tonal accents of the figures, often mimicking landscapes.
Jameela’s current body of work serves as a study into the acts of jest and play. Both are innate to our being. They speak to the child who by nature is free, to play is to be true to oneself.
Selected group shows include:
In Jest, The Board Room Committee Room, Glasgow, June 2023 (Solo show) Progression, D Contemporary, Mayfair, 19th July- 5th August 2022
The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Glasgow, 31st May- 11th June
New Hues of Blackness, MYO Victoria Street, London, September 2021- April 2022 The Living Room Exhibition, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, 14th April 2022 Figures in Motion, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow, 24th-28th March 2022

Wondering People_Jameela Stenheden Gordon-King

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