Leggy Gordon

Leggy Gordon (b. 1997, London) completed ‘The Drawing Year’ at The Royal Drawing School in 2022 after graduating from the University of Kingston with a First-Class Honours in Illustration and Animation. Her practice draws on memory, nostalgia, family 'folklore' and an exploration of human experiences, including loss, illness and mortality. Delving into the realms of both personal and collective recollection, working from life, family photographs and her own reflections of the past, she recreates scenes that attempt to embody the enigmatic nature of memory.  In 2022 she underwent a double mastectomy which became the catalyst for a body of work that explores vulnerability through a series of self-portraits, and portraits of those closest to her at that time.   Drawing is central to her practice, but over the last three years she has become increasingly enamoured with the process of etching and printmaking. The unpredictability of the outcome, paired with the possibility to maintain detail and accuracy has become an important part of how she currently works.

Wondering People_Leggy Gordon

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