Hannah Ackroyd

Wondering People_Hannah Ackroyd

Hannah Ackroyd (b. 1996, West Yorkshire, England) works with a variety of mediums including drawing, print making, book making, photography and ceramics. She gained a First Class Honours in Illustration & Animation BA at Kingston School of Art in 2019 and before that studied at Leeds College of Art.
Hannah always begins by using illustration as a tool for adaptation and enquiry. Her projects are fuelled by her curiosity of the intangible shifting nature of the human condition. The materials and processes used reference the liminal and intermediary stages of both the process and themes in the work.
Photography and illustration run parallel together in Hannah’s practice. She is interested in depicting liminal states and experiences, looking at the world through a lens and building distinctive patterns through intuitive finds. Abstracting the world into fragments and fleeting moments used alongside illustration allows Hannah to form a map of information disconnected and recollected together to make sense of an environment. 

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