Jorge Suárez-Kilzi

Jorge Suárez-Kilzi was born in Venezuela (Maracay, 1989) to immigrant parents of Spanish and Syrian descent. His collection of works is signed under his mother’s last name, Kilzi, which is also often used to describe a person who works with plaster and chalk - unconsciously leading Jorge down a path he was destined for. The name has a link to a hard childhood in movement, to an immigrant background, to Latin American and its vernacular arts, to a sense of movement and evolution.
As a grown man, the sensibilities of Jorge's childhood took him all the way to Japan, where he worked as an architect. Driven by years of immersion in different cultures and architectural experience, in 2018, Jorge made the decision to become a freelance architect and artist, going from fields of architectural visualisations to ceramics and furniture, giving special attention to drawings and decorative motives. Every piece is expressed in simple forms and delicate emotions, where fluid silhouettes accompany each other like a soul in companionship.

Wondering People_Jorge Suárez-Kilzi

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