Elena Bianca Zagari

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Elena Bianca Zagari (2003, Napoli, Italy) is based in both London and Naples and has a diploma in Art and Design from Central Saint Martins. Elena is a storytelling and fashion photographer. Photography serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery and understanding the world, helping her to delve into the stories of places that she resonates with and the individuals she encounters. For Elena, photography is an extension of sight and enables her to further dig into surroundings, helping to understand, remember, and visualise events, emotions and occurrences on a deeper, more personal and intimate level.
The physicality that a photograph possesses, capturing a moment and everything that follows, captivates Elena. She believes in giving complete control and autonomy over the images she creates once they are shown to the public, almost as if she were freezing moments in time and shaping them into narratives that the viewer can interpret and travel through. The photographer never sees the image as the end point of her work but as the beginning of a story. She often accompanies bodies of work with letters and handwritten texts collected from the place or person that she is documenting through photography, further enriching the stories behind the images.

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