Ottalie Stride & Camilla Clarke

Albion Nord is a London-based interior design studio that creates homes with an inherent sense of place that are not showpieces but sanctuaries, inviting conversation, celebration and calm. Joint creative directors, Ottalie Stride and Camilla Clarke share a sensibility that ensures a contemporary elegance ground all the spaces they design. Both are passionate about sourcing rare and unique antiques and objects and believe these storied pieces bring authenticity to the homes they create. Ottalie’s experience across the interior design industry has given her an abundance of influences. By drawing on everything from cool European Classicism to eclectic British Style, and by adding a dash of youthful playfulness, Ottalie makes sure that every Albion Nord project has its own inimitable character. Camilla turned a love of art and sketching into a passion for interior design and since then, she has worked on everything from Georgian homes to contemporary penthouses. Her strong relationships with craftspeople coupled with her deep knowledge of art and antiques allow her to create compelling identities for all kinds of interiors.
Wondering People_Ottalie Stride & Camilla Clarke

WP: "What is your most beloved room in your home and why?"
Ottalie: "Possibly our Guest Bedroom. It is a tiny little room but has worn white painted floorboards and being on the second floor it overlooks the garden with the best morning light. The space is made up of a real hodgepodge of pieces which have been brought together over time, but everything works so well together. There is a wonderful contemporary portrait bought at my Father’s auction which sits above an antique chest of drawers and a crazy suede standing lamp with silk tassels which was my Grannie’s which sits next to a shearling chair. The space feels fresh, bright and welcoming."

Camilla: "Our Entrance Hallway, mainly because of its beautiful original sweeping staircase. The house is atypical from all of the other houses on the street and the layout allows for a lovely open hallway space that we have filled with our favourite artwork, lamps and a big vase of foliage from the magnolia tree in the garden."

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