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Wondering People at 8 Holland Street for London Craft Week



Spring Drop

Wondering People_A Study For Two Dancers_1
Wondering People_Big Sweet_2
Wondering People_Dancing Figure With Green_3
Wondering People_Daisy Chain_4
Wondering People_Saloon_5
Wondering People_Heart Chute_6
Wondering People_Narcissus_7
Wondering People_Music/ Yellow Jesus_8
Wondering People_Moment Of Worry_9
Wondering People_River Dance_10
Wondering People_Winged Man_11
Wondering People_A Long Way Back_12
Wondering People_Spring_13
Wondering People_Indigo, Orange and green_14
Wondering People_Green/ Indigo Shape_15
Wondering People_Black, Blue On Orange_16
Wondering People_Small Blue Cross_17
Wondering People_White Flag_18
Wondering People_Stripes Black And White_19
Wondering People_Stripes Blue And White_20
Wondering People_Stripes Black, Yellow, Pink_21
Wondering People_Stripes White, Yellow, Green_22
Wondering People_Point, Red_23
Wondering People_Porthor Rocks Pink_24
Wondering People_Porthor Rocks Pink 2_25
Wondering People_Fields #1_26
Wondering People_Fields #2_27
Wondering People_Fields #3_28
Wondering People_Fields #4_29
Wondering People_Fields #5_30
Wondering People_Fields #6_31
Wondering People_Mound 10_32
Wondering People_Mound 16_33
Wondering People_Plain 1_34
Wondering People_Plain 2_35
Wondering People_Minute Topographies VIII_36
Wondering People_Minute Topographies V_37
Wondering People_Minute Topographies VII_38
Wondering People_Minute Topographies VI_39
Wondering People_Minute Topographies IV_40
Wondering People_Minute Topographies III_41
Wondering People_Minute Topographies II_42
Wondering People_Minute Topographies I_43
Wondering People_White Garments_44
Wondering People_Peckham Rye Morning_45
Wondering People_Yellow Concourse_46
Wondering People_Three Musicians_47
Wondering People_Rose Garden_48
Wondering People_Denial Of Blue_49
Wondering People_This Year Has Almost Gone_50

Introducing dham srifuengfung

Wondering People_An Apricot_1
Wondering People_Comb Murex, Swim to Me_2
Wondering People_Fire Ants, Swim to Me_3
Wondering People_Green Eggs and Sam, 77 Allen St._4
Wondering People_Blown In, Blank_5
Wondering People_On a String, Swim to Me_6
Wondering People_At Home (Second Sitting), Swim to Me_7
Wondering People_That Pink Cottage, Blank_8
Wondering People_Stalk, Blank_9
Wondering People_Mount I, The Galapagos_10
Wondering People_Plain, Blank_11
Wondering People_Sleeves, Papua New Guinea_12
Wondering People_Alexandria Coe | Guest Artist_ Alexandria has made two limited edition etchings for us in celebration of International Women's Day. "The pair of etchings depict a couple closely embracing and a single hand drawing them together. There is a sense of mystery and intrigue without being an obviously identifiable couple. I wanted to create something with a little intrigue. Something that you have to get close to - to see what it is. Creating some intimacy around an intimate scene itself."

Alexandria Coe | Guest Artist

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Framed photograph prints by Owen Davies

Wondering People_Concrete Jenga_1
Wondering People_Lifeguard Station_2
Wondering People_Spring Street Salt Shed_3
Wondering People_The Bathhouse At Jacob Riis_4
Wondering People_Causeway_5
Wondering People_Zain Ali_
Wondering People_Alexa Chung_
The Room Edit is a fantastic way of expressing our individual style and quirks. We have asked those whom we admire and are inspired by to reveal their wish list. Each person has chosen pieces from Wondering People that they would love to live or work alongside. Here we have Zain Ali and Alexa Chung, read more below.

The Room Edit

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Wondering People__
Wondering People__

Andrew trotter & Abisola Omole

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Our favourite pieces for your home

Wondering People_Spiral Coaster Set_1
Wondering People_Shell, Movement Candle Holders_2
Wondering People_The Walls Are Listening In Bronze_3
Wondering People_Medium Cobalt Dash Plate_4
Wondering People_Menton_5
Wondering People_Figure Candlestick I_6
Wondering People_Seaweed Green Jellyfish Platter_7
Wondering People_Tassel Vase II_8
Wondering People_Scalloped Edge Bowl_9
Wondering People_Jug, Verdigris II_10
Wondering People_TOR HARRISON_ In her studio


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Wondering People_EBRAHIM BAHAA-ELDIN_ In his studio


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Wondering People_Art consultancy_ If you are looking for a hand in choosing your next piece of art, we can help. Wondering People specialises in providing artwork for all kinds of interiors and spaces, collaborating closely with clients and offering tailored advice on suitable artworks and artists.

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