Eleanor Cording-Booth

Eleanor Cording-Booth is a freelance journalist, interior stylist and consultant. As a writer, Eleanor covers homes, lifestyle and design-led travel for publications including House & Garden, British Vogue and Cabana Magazine. As a tastemaker and consultant, she also works with brands and individuals on content creation, design collaborations and product sourcing. Eleanor has been running the Instagram account @aconsideredspace since 2017 and in 2023, she launched a Substack publication under the same name. Subscribe to read her personal essays and curated edits.
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WP: "What is your most beloved room in your home and why?"
Eleanor: "My flat only has two rooms and while I'm not head over heels with either of them, I do treasure some of the pieces in my living room and I'm grateful for the floor-to-ceiling windows. My lucite coffee table, striped rug, giant vintage lamp and collection of design books all help make our rented flat feel more like home."  

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