Chunky Pinch Wall Hook

by Eva Anna Gulacsi
Solid bronze
With its bulky figure and dynamic flow the Chunky Pinch large knob demands
attention. A fusion of art and utility, blending tradition and modernity with unique craftsmanship.

Use it as a knob or a wall hook. Screws for both options are included.

Making: Shaped by hand in clay, cast from solid brass or bronze and finished
by hand in Budapest. Because of the manufacturing process each piece
is slightly different, it should not be mistaken for flaws.

Finish: Living finish, meaning that as the product ages, it will naturally develop
a darker color due to oxidation and create a beautiful patina over time.
Made to order with a 4-6 week lead time. Please note, this will be shipped from Budapest, Hungary where the artist is based.

L 6.4 x W 4 x H 4.2 cm

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